Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hurricane Sandy and More

Taken shortly after all the power went out Monday evening, mostly below 39th Street

Dairy shelves emptied due to power outage, not pre-Sandy sales

Surveying the damage upon returning home - we lost a grand old tree :(

Never been happier to see lights on again!

As I sit and type this, there's a Nor'easter pounding the mid-Atlantic seaboard once again, currently blanketing New York City with a cold, wet wintry mix. As if last week's events weren't enough.

Thank you to everyone who inquired about our safety and well-being after Hurricane Sandy. I'd never experienced anything like it. What started off as a novel 'adventure' with candle lights, board games and wine at the ready, turned quite serious quickly. After we lost power Monday evening, we went to bed early, expecting the power to return by the time we awoke the next morning. It didn't come. Without power, heat or running water, we quickly realized we needed a plan B (let's not even talk about the dark treks up and down 14 flights of stairs in a high-rise!). Lucky for us, a gaggle of friends let us in their homes for a few nights until power gloriously returned Friday evening. We returned home Saturday though, in the event this was just a temporary blip. We came home to a powered apartment, but we were still without heat and hot water for a good four days until finally - FINALLY! - we got everything back yesterday. More than anything, it was a mere inconvenience to us when you consider just how much other people have lost. As we speak, there are still many without power, heat or running water of any kind - that's about 10 days now. Many are old or disabled, making it difficult for them to relocate. There are also countless pets that have been displaced, which also breaks my heart.

On this cold night, I'm so thankful to be back home in a warm apartment fueled with light and internet. I am praying that others are able to return to normalcy soon, too. I know donating to the Red Cross is a popular option, but if you're in the New York area, there are plenty of groups (including Occupy Sandy) organizing to work directly with those most in need. There's also a great, regularly updated Hurricane Sandy 'wedding registry' connecting supplies to victims more directly. Please consider helping any way you can.


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