Monday, September 17, 2012

Stockholm Highlights

Central Station

Pastel-colored buildings

Rörstrand's classic Mon Amie pattern

Classic red cabin in the woods

Stretching out on the narrowest block in Gamla Stan (Old Town)! -__-

Enjoying a Swedish breakfast, or frukost, with blueberries and lingonberries picked nearby!

Buttery kantarelltoast made with chanterelles also picked nearby!

A cleansing walk through idyllic woods

Morning paper and kaffe

My favorite kardemummabulle, or cardamom bun, can be found at NK

Crisp day on Skeppsholmen

Tea time delights on a Sunday afternoon

This last trip to Sweden was a wonderful one, ending with the union of two very special people. I captured all of these images on Instagram, my latest love - won't you follow me if you don't already? These are just a portion of the highlights; it was hard for me not to flood the feed with more!

Which is your favorite? I'm hard-pressed, but it might just have to be the picture-perfect cardamom bun. ;)


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