Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Old-Fashioned Banana Cake

Over the weekend, I had the luxury of thumbing through my new cookbooks and landing on this delectable banana cake recipe, courtesy of the Barefoot herself. I was initially tempted just to bake the batter up into loaf form so that I could have poundcake-like slices at the ready for breakfast this week; but I went all in with the frosting and I'm so glad I did.

Once again, Ina Garten does right by me. In classic Barefoot Contessa form, this recipe is well laid out, easy to follow and most importantly, delicious beyond belief. The cake (which uses oil instead of butter - only the icing has butter) is moist and not overly sweet. I imagine the orange zest would give it some nice zing, but I didn't have so much as a clementine lying around so I left it out this time. The topping delivers exactly what you love about sweet and tangy cream cheese frosting. I personally prefer a nut-free batter, so I just used the walnuts for garnish. I also hand mixed everything because I was in the mood.

Both O and my co-workers seemed to approve, so that in itself makes this recipe a winner. :) There are so many good-looking recipes in the new book - go get yourself a copy if you haven't already!


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